My name is Carmen Alicea I’m a mother of two wonderful boys and wife to my handsome best friend of over 15 years. I’m a blogger for Romanceaholic, a blog created to give my authors a forum in which to share their books and events. I try to promote as many amazing authors as possible through the use of social media formats.

Reading is my passion I love books so I decided to make a blog about books and their authors. I want you to get to know these wonderful writers and to know that writing is their life. They love to share their stories no matter where their imagination takes them. They have created Amazing adventures full of strong Alpha males and powerful females that can handle themselves plus their partners. I want to share their World with you. You will meet different writers that each have their own way of expressing themselves. Each and Everyone of them will touch you in a different way.  This is for all you book lovers.
You will see some of my teasers and swag that I have made for them. I enjoy helping each and everyone of them. They do the hard part by creating the Amazing stories that touch our hearts and let us escape our troubles for a while. Its only fare to give them something back. If you like my work please contact me.